Android: Using Flashtool to restore stock Sony Xperia Arc/Arc S to stock firmware/kernel/etc

This guide is for the Sony Xperia Arc and the Sony Xperia Arc S.
This works with both LOCKED and UNLOCKED bootloaders.

However, this process is more suitable to locked bootloaders, because if you have an unlocked bootloader, you can just use Sony’s Official Flash Tool

Firmware 4.1.B.0.587, 4.1.B.0.431 or 4.0.2.A.0.62


On your phone first:

  • Enable USB Debugging
    • Settings/Developer Options/USB Debugging
  • Enable Unknown Sources
    • Settings/Security/Unknown Sources


  • Install and open Flashtool
  • Drag and drop the .ftf file you downloaded earlier
  • Leave all options default

On your phone

  • Disconnect from USB
  • Power off, wait 5 seconds
  • Press and hold the back button
  • Plug in the USB
  • Wait until Flashtool starts doing it’s magic, release the back button

After Flashtool is done

  • Disconnect from USB
  • Start phone
  • Done

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  • Patrick Gradiscaj

    Thank you for that. Its a nice thread

  • Daniel

    Thanks a lot! I had to download flashtool drivers separately to get it to work though (the ones that came with the flashtool software didn’t work). The phone runs ten times faster now! I no longer hate android.

  • zahid

    Hi my experia doesn’t start any more. Can i flash it.

    • Craig Vanderlinden

      Nothing happens when you plug it in? Does your computer recognize it?

      • zahid

        Hi Craig; Yes the computer can recognise the telephone. I read some where on some forum that I should use the flash tool to flash it. So When I try to do it with Emma tool then the process stopped I got error message phone with a locked boot loader.

        I can find other flashtools for locked boot loader but those tools say that I need to make some settings in the telephone, as I can’t start the telephone so I can’t do that.

        Please help me what I can do in this case.

        • Craig Vanderlinden

          If you have a locked bootloader then you can not use the “Emma Tool” provided by Sony, you must use Flashtool I updated the links in my post to a couple downloads as they were dead.

          • Zahid

            Ok that means it would be fine to follow the procedure you have mentioned in you post.

          • Zahid

            I am wondering how do I do these steps when the phone is dead now.

            Enable USB Debugging
            Settings/Developer Options/USB Debugging
            Enable Unknown Sources
            Settings/Security/Unknown Sources

          • Craig Vanderlinden

            If your phone is dead (my guess is it happened because of flashing?) then those settings should already be enabled. Just try following the rest of the steps.

          • zahid

            Thanks a lot. Today I evening shall try this.

          • zahid

            03/025/2013 17:25:38 – INFO
            – Device connected with USB debugging off

            This was what I was afraid for. Could there be some flash tool which doesn’t care that the USB debuging is off and still can flash it?

          • Craig Vanderlinden

            Afraid not. USB Debugging is what allows the ADB drivers to be used, which in turn allows flash tool to change the firmware.

          • zahid

            Hi again I can see that flash is complete but when I start telephone I can see light in the screen and nothing more. Do I need to something more.

          • Craig Vanderlinden

            Not sure. Don’t know if I can help anymore. Head over to to get some more support. Good luck.

          • zahid

            Thanks anyway.

  • Sandeep Reddy

    does it unroot
    does it lock bootloader too pls reply ASAP

    • Craig Vanderlinden

      I only tried on a locked bootloader, I have no experience with unlocked bootloaders. My only guess is that it would be easy.

  • Nana Yaw Oxylade Asante

    Device reboots by itself when I boot it into flashboot mode. Please what is happenning

    • Craig Vanderlinden

      Could be something wrong with the firmware on the phone. Not sure sorry.