Drupal Sandbox Project: CAS Username Link

  22 Kudos Don'tmove! I’ve just finished working on a new Drupal Sandbox Project: CAS Username Link This project came about while working on a Single Sign On (SSO) solution. The product I was checking out was CAS. Low and behold, CAS has a Drupal module, aptly named: CAS. After fiddling around with module and […]

Android: Always have your contacts synced

  12 Kudos Don'tmove! After this post on Reddit where someone lost all their contacts, it inspired me to remind everyone to set up some sort of contact sync. I personally just use my Google Account to sync my contacts. Basically all you have to do is add your Google Account to your phone. Set […]

Android: Where is the clear all button for my running apps?

  15 Kudos Don'tmove! On my Android phone running ICS 4.0.4 if you hold the home button, a list of running apps shows up. Here you can return to the apps by tapping them, or close them by swiping them away. Sounds pretty good, but what if I want to close all of them, which […]

Is there a good way to create redirects when launching a new site?

  16 Kudos Don'tmove! I am quickly finding that there is no good way to do this, but this is what I’ve done. I started with the Google Analytics from my old site and sorted the content by page views.  This gives me my most important information or at least the content that might get […]

Drupal 7: Installing and Configuring Date iCal to work with Events

  23 Kudos Don'tmove! First let’s start by downloading and installing the module: Date iCal I did this using drush, but you can do it anyway to please. Now, with the version I was using (7.x-1.1) the timezone handling wasn’t working properly so I applied this patch to correct timezone handling. Hopefully that get’s permanently […]

Drupal: Making Media: YouTube more user friendly

  18 Kudos Don'tmove! I have a client that needs their editors to be able to quickly embed YouTube videos into posts.  Usually one can just do this by copying and pasting embed codes into the source. However in this case, the client required that the user not touch the source code.  Enter Media: YouTube, […]

New computer means time for Ninite.com

  13 Kudos Don'tmove! Just got a new laptop today for work and my first stop is always Ninite.com. It’s a quick tool that lets you install a bunch of popular software all within one installer.  It’s extremely efficient, accepts all the liscese terms, chooses directories, skips ads and toolbars, and gets you on your […]

Share: 26 Free Retro Fonts

  12 Kudos Don'tmove! There are some great free fonts in this post, check it out if you are interested – www.demilked.com/free-retro-fonts/

Apple iPad 3 (iPad HD) Available March 16th

  14 Kudos Don'tmove! New and Old Features: Apple Quad-Core A5X processor + graphics Higher Resolution Retina Display 2048 x 1536 for a total 3.1 million pixels 1080p video recording with video stabilization Voice Dictation in six languages – English, British, Australian French, German, Japanese 4G LTE by AT&T, Verizon, Bell, Rogers, and Telus (Other […]

Drupal 7: WYSIWYG YouTube Embed Tutorial (Media_YouTube)

  2 Kudos Don'tmove! Why would you need a YouTube plugin for Drupal? Can’t you just use the embed code? Yes, yes you can. However, you may run into a client where copying and pasting the embed code becomes too technical.  So lets forget about why we need this and I’ll explain how to get […]