Android: Where is the clear all button for my running apps?

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On my Android phone running ICS 4.0.4 if you hold the home button, a list of running apps shows up. Here you can return to the apps by tapping them, or close them by swiping them away. Sounds pretty good, but what if I want to close all of them, which I often do since my phone is getting older and slower on a daily basis.

Please can we have a “kill all” or “clear all” button added to this screen. I can’t be bothered to swipe away 25 open apps, I’m much to important for that.

Edit: So it appears as if this list is less of “running apps” but more a “activity list” I was misinformed by this article where is says:

“…on any screen, you can hold your Home button and a list of all running applications will appear. From here, you can easily tap on one to switch to it, or swipe it away to close to completely. This is also a good way of making sure that an app is really closed when you told it to.”

With all this information, I still believe there should be a button to clear all.

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