Craigslist/Classified Scam

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I recently posted an add on an online classifed website similar to craigslist, UsedVictoria. Got this reply pretty quick from [email protected], no it’s not Leon Washington from the Seattle Seahawks like I originally thought.
The email starts like this

Hello Seller, I will like to know if this item is still available…
[email protected]

Interesting start, no specific mention of the actual item in question, just a general item.  I replied with

Still available.
– Craig

Keeping the conversation going.

I would like you to know that i am really interested in buying the item,I am
willing to offer you $xxxx  for it,However, I will not be able to come for inspection, all i need is your word
of sincerity that the item is in good condition as described online please let me know if you accept my offer
[email protected]

His offer was $100 less than what I posted.  This is where I was 100% clued in that this was some sort of scam. Oh well, lets see where this goes.

I accept. Send me the money.
– Craig

And then his reply

Thanks for accepting my offer.I am a Chief Engineer on the sea and i am so busy as we are on assignment here and i need to get this for my Dad asap.I have a pickup agent that will come and pick the  car up in your resident or anywhere you want the pickup agent to come and pick it.. Due to where i am right now , i can only make payment through paypal , do you have a paypal account?if not you can open one at Note:I am going to pay for the paypal charges fee.

To which I replied

I have a paypal account
– Craig

And his reply

Ok,Let me have your paypal account so that i can go ahead with the payment.
[email protected]

It’s at this point where I stopped with this charade.  I don’t think there would be any harm in giving him my Paypal address to continue this conversation and see where it ends up, but also what’s the point? I suspect his next move would be to create a fake Paypal receipt showing that he sent the money and now it’s my turn to turn over the car.  I don’t know how often these scams actually work but I wanted to put it up on the Internet so people can be aware of these scams.

If you’re selling or buying an item online and it seems too good to be true. It probably is, don’t fall for these scams. Spread the word and report these people.

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