Drupal Sandbox Project: CAS Username Link

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I’ve just finished working on a new Drupal Sandbox Project: CAS Username Link

This project came about while working on a Single Sign On (SSO) solution. The product I was checking out was CAS. Low and behold, CAS has a Drupal module, aptly named: CAS.

After fiddling around with module and having it not working for a while, I finally realized that each existing Drupal account needed to have a CAS username linked to it. This could be done manually on the user configuration screen, or by running a bulk update on the database to populate the cas_user table. This wasn’t going to work for me since my accounts are creating using LDAP and I need accounts to linked automatically without my involvement. That is why I created CAS Username Link

The process is very simple and was easy to create because of the great work done in the CAS module itself. In fact, it has it’s one API/hooks that I was able to use for my sandbox project.

I hope someone else finds this of use, let me know if you have any questions or concerns involving this Drupal Module.

Note: This module is only for Drupal 7. if someone really needs a Drupal 6 version, I could create it.

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