Toasted Tuna Subway / Worst Night of My Life

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We went to Subway for lunch yesterday and I switched up my usual Cold Cut Combo for a tuna on flat-bread.  I stole the idea from my roommate, Cam Kung.  Now, usually when I get my sandwiches I get them toasted, so as per usually the guy asked if I wanted it toasted, and before I even though about it, I replied “Yes.”  The sandwich artist then stared at me with a slightly confused look, and said, “With the tuna on it?”  “Sounds good.”

I sat down to eat this glorious sandwich, but decided I should only eat half, and then I can eat the other half later.  Well the day went buy I and I never ate the other half, not until almost six hours later.  This was obviously not a good idea.  The sub had been sitting at room temperature for too long and I think the bacteria started spawning on my sandwich.  I spent the entire night in pain, while trying to sleep.  I got maybe about an hour if you add up all the minutes, and remember hallucinating random things at night.  Switching between the cold shivers, and the hot sweats.  Finally at about 7 AM, after I exhausted my supply of Tums, I took two Ibuprofen which seem to be helping, which is why I can write this post without crying out in pain.  I am going to try to get some sleep now, hopefully I don’t wake up for a long time.


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