Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Bitcoin Cash (BCH): The Bitcoin Scaling Debate

  3 Kudos Don'tmove! Let’s talk about the facts of the Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash scaling debate. Off-chain scaling (lightning network) vs big blocks. Bitcoin Cash forked on August 1st, 2017. The main idea behind the fork was to increase the block size from 1MB to 8MB to allow more transactions in a single block […]

Building Search Queries for Twitter’s REST API 1.1

  22 Kudos Don'tmove! I recently need to get a JSON object from Twitter’s API that had a couple of requirements. I needed the most recent tweets that contained a specific hashtag OR were from a specific user AND didn’t contain any retweets. Starting with the base API URL for search Then appending each […]

GitHub Release: TwitterRSS-Enchancer v2

  23 Kudos Don'tmove! Scope: Accesses the Twitter API 1.1 timeline status and authenticates with OAuth. Then takes each status and rewrites them to link @usernames to their profiles, #hashtags to their appropriate search, and links to their destination. Also includes time ago and author accreditation. A much needed update to my TwitterRSS Enhancer. […]

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Sound Notifications

  14 Kudos Don'tmove! I have a special place of disdain in my heart for games like Farmville. The Simpsons Tapped Out falls into that category. However, I do love The Simpsons so I thought I would try it out. It has some great original content but of course the whole point of the game […]

Craigslist/Classified Scam

  25 Kudos Don'tmove! I recently posted an add on an online classifed website similar to craigslist, UsedVictoria. Got this reply pretty quick from [email protected], no it’s not Leon Washington from the Seattle Seahawks like I originally thought. The email starts like this Hello Seller, I will like to know if this item is still […]

Android: Rogers MMS not sending or Rogers MMS not receiving

  13 Kudos Don'tmove! If you have an unlocked phone then often you’ll have to enter in your own APN settings. If you need the APN settings check out my post about Rogers APN settings. Once you have that set up, you may notice that your MMS (picture messages, voice memos, etc) is not entirely […]

Android: Easy Root Xperia Arc With A Locked Bootloader

  47 Kudos Don'tmove! Having a Sony Xperia phone with a locked bootloader makes flashing and rooting your phone a little more difficult and we have to find other ways to get around this. However, it is possible and this is what you want to do.   Get your Xperia Arc up to Android version […]

Android: Rogers APN Settings

  51 Kudos Don'tmove! After you’ve restored some global stock firmware on your Android phone, it’s possible that the firmware won’t download your Internet/data/MMS settings properly for your carrier.  Here is what you need to do to get it working for Rogers (Canada) If your Android phone’s MMS is not working, this will fix it […]

Android: Using Flashtool to restore stock Sony Xperia Arc/Arc S to stock firmware/kernel/etc

  39 Kudos Don'tmove! This guide is for the Sony Xperia Arc and the Sony Xperia Arc S. This works with both LOCKED and UNLOCKED bootloaders. However, this process is more suitable to locked bootloaders, because if you have an unlocked bootloader, you can just use Sony’s Official Flash Tool Firmware 4.1.B.0.587, 4.1.B.0.431 or 4.0.2.A.0.62 […]

Drupal Sandbox Project: CAS Username Link

  22 Kudos Don'tmove! I’ve just finished working on a new Drupal Sandbox Project: CAS Username Link This project came about while working on a Single Sign On (SSO) solution. The product I was checking out was CAS. Low and behold, CAS has a Drupal module, aptly named: CAS. After fiddling around with module and […]