Android: Always have your contacts synced

  12 Kudos Don'tmove! After this post on Reddit where someone lost all their contacts, it inspired me to remind everyone to set up some sort of contact sync. I personally just use my Google Account to sync my contacts. Basically all you have to do is add your Google Account to your phone. Set […]

Android: Where is the clear all button for my running apps?

  15 Kudos Don'tmove! On my Android phone running ICS 4.0.4 if you hold the home button, a list of running apps shows up. Here you can return to the apps by tapping them, or close them by swiping them away. Sounds pretty good, but what if I want to close all of them, which […]

Apple iPad 3 (iPad HD) Available March 16th

  14 Kudos Don'tmove! New and Old Features: Apple Quad-Core A5X processor + graphics Higher Resolution Retina Display 2048 x 1536 for a total 3.1 million pixels 1080p video recording with video stabilization Voice Dictation in six languages – English, British, Australian French, German, Japanese 4G LTE by AT&T, Verizon, Bell, Rogers, and Telus (Other […]

An Olde Time Photoshoot with Friends

  0 Kudos Don'tmove! We all showed up, hungover, at Tony’s Olde Time Photo and started picking out our outfits. Everyone picked whatever they wanted from the photos on the wall, got dressed, picked up two or three guns and lined up against the bar. HOLD IT!

Toasted Tuna Subway / Worst Night of My Life

  1 Kudos Don'tmove! We went to Subway for lunch yesterday and I switched up my usual Cold Cut Combo for a tuna on flat-bread.  I stole the idea from my roommate, Cam Kung.  Now, usually when I get my sandwiches I get them toasted, so as per usually the guy asked if I wanted […]

Time to set sail

  0 Kudos Don'tmove! I’ve decided that after these many years it’s time for me to have my own website.  I plan on posting a giant mix of things including Drupal and WordPress related things, but also music, images, videos and other completely unrelated things.  This ship is ready to leave the dock and sail […]