An Olde Time Photoshoot with Friends

We all showed up, hungover, at Tony's Olde Time Photo and started picking out our outfits. Everyone picked whatever they wanted from the photos on the wall, got dressed, picked up two or three guns and lined up against the bar. HOLD IT!

Github Release: CiviCRM-PPI-PayMover-Payment-Plugin

For work, I had to develop a payment processor plugin for CiviCRM to integrate PPI PayMover into the eCommerce / CRM / Drupal system. I'm not sure the need for this, because when I first built this, I couldn't find a single thing on the Internet related to this project.  That is why I am releasing my code on github. CiviCRM-PPI-PayMover-Payment-Plugin on Github The project takes a little it of setting up.  You need the PHP SDK from PPI, those aren't my files to share but you can get them if you have an account with PayMover. Then you need to insert the payment process into the database,...

Github Release: TwitterRSS-Enhancer

Github page for TwitterRSS-Enhancer My first release for Github, ever. Hooray! A need came along for me to have an RSS for twitter status updates.  That was a tough enough challenge as Twitter decided to hide this feature.  After so digging I found you can get a Twitter RSS feed using this link: As you can see by that twitter provided RSS, it includes the screen name at the front, and also doesn't have any "twitter syntax highlighting." All my code does is, strip the first characters with the username because they...

Our SVN Development/Release Process

I've been working with my team to create a new development and release process for our Moodle 2.x code.  We've been using SVN for a number of years, so we can save the SVN Vs. GIT argument until another date.  For now, this process is based on SVN. We developed a new two-week release process, in which every two weeks we have a new production release.  This makes our turn around time for releasing new features, bug fixes and enhancements quite quick, or at least quicker than it used to be.  I've created a graphic to show how our process works but that can actually be more confusing than me...

Toasted Tuna Subway / Worst Night of My Life

We went to Subway for lunch yesterday and I switched up my usual Cold Cut Combo for a tuna on flat-bread.  I stole the idea from my roommate, Cam Kung.  Now, usually when I get my sandwiches I get them toasted, so as per usually the guy asked if I wanted it toasted, and before I even though about it, I replied "Yes."  The sandwich artist then stared at me with a slightly confused look, and said, "With the tuna on it?"  "Sounds good." I sat down to eat this glorious sandwich, but decided I should only eat half, and then I can eat the other half later.  Well the day went buy I and I never...

PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby

Just saw this article, and needed to share it. A side by side reference sheet for PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby.  Definitely useful since I know a lot more PHP than Ruby.  Easy to look up equivalents for each language.

Game of Thrones: Season 2

Game of Thrones, what else can be said at this point in time?  If you aren't watching, you better start.  Of course, like all things, it's not for everyone, but if you think buy CBD products like it, you probably will.  I live in a house with four male roommates all similar in age and yet I am the only one who has seen the first season, they decide to do other activities like sports or gardening using tools as battery chainsaws for this.  One, Jonny Lee, has read some of the first book but lost interest near the end and would rather advocate the series, The Sword of Truth.  The others...

Product Review: X-mini II Capsule Speaker

Product Information Sitting in my office with Mike when he suggested that we get some sort of iPod dock for the office to get some music in here.  He mentioned how his Bose Wave system might be a little bit of over kill for this 14 by 10 office, so I decided to look for something a little smaller... and cheaper.  My first stop is usually (Canadian) to check out what is readily available, if nothing good comes up at FutureShop I'll usually look around some other sites like Amazon, or look for product reviews to find something decent.  I went to the Speaker Dock section and...

Grooveshark Playlist: fun.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the band fun. With their newest hit "We Are Young" I wanted to share some music from their last album, Aim and Ignite. Check out this grooveshark playlist I made for there songs, which also includes "We Are Young". GrooveShark Playlist: fun. fun. - All Songs by CVanderlinden on Grooveshark

My home

Time to set sail

I've decided that after these many years it's time for me to have my own website.  I plan on posting a giant mix of things including Drupal and WordPress related things, but also music, images, videos and other completely unrelated things.  This ship is ready to leave the dock and sail into the blue yonder that is the Interwebs.