Product Review: X-mini II Capsule Speaker

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Sitting in my office with Mike when he suggested that we get some sort of iPod dock for the office to get some music in here.  He mentioned how his Bose Wave system might be a little bit of over kill for this 14 by 10 office, so I decided to look for something a little smaller… and cheaper.  My first stop is usually (Canadian) to check out what is readily available, if nothing good comes up at FutureShop I’ll usually look around some other sites like Amazon, or look for product reviews to find something decent.  I went to the Speaker Dock section and sorted it from price, Low to High.  The cheapest one, only $14, but looked like junk.  Then just the next one, with 5/5 reviews from all people reviewing it, I figured it had to be decent.  So just like that I ordered it, $28.

Skip forward over the weekend.

I arrived back at the office on Monday, and there was the package.  Super small, I was worried it was going to be a throw-away item.  Never judge a speaker by it’s size. I opened it up, and was immediately blown away by it’s compactness and cool look.  You can twist it close or open and can fit in your pocket, or your purse because we all know you can’t fit anything inside a girls pocket.  It comes with a USB charger with an extra 3.5mm input jack, plus the main 3.5mm input jack.  Over 8 hours of playback on one charge.  I plugged in my Android and started to blast some tunes. This little guy has some guts.  I didn’t turn the volume up past half way, and it was filling the room with some half-decent sound.  I’m not about to tell you it’s the best audio you’ll hear as it’s only a mono device, but it packs a decent punch and is definitely better than the little speaker in the back of my phone.  You can also daisy chain a bunch of them together to get greater sound.  I am super excited about my new little toy and just thinking of the possible uses.  Camping, beaches, pre-game pump-up music, singing in the bathroom.

The one thing I would like to see is wireless over Bluetooth, and guess what.  Coming soon… the new version with Bluetooth capabilities.

If you are looking for a cheap external speaker for your iPod/iPhone/Android/Windows Phone – You have to check out this X-mini II.

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