Drupal: Remove double angle quotes from breadcrumbs

  15 Kudos Don'tmove! Built into Drupal core, in /includes/theme.inc the function theme_breadcrumb, automatically inserts » or » into your breadcrumbs. The function looks like this: function theme_breadcrumb($variables) { $breadcrumb = $variables[‘breadcrumb’]; if (!empty($breadcrumb)) { // Provide a navigational heading to give context for breadcrumb links to // screen-reader users. Make the heading invisible with […]

Drupal Sandbox Project: CAS Username Link

  22 Kudos Don'tmove! I’ve just finished working on a new Drupal Sandbox Project: CAS Username Link This project came about while working on a Single Sign On (SSO) solution. The product I was checking out was CAS. Low and behold, CAS has a Drupal module, aptly named: CAS. After fiddling around with module and […]

Is there a good way to create redirects when launching a new site?

  16 Kudos Don'tmove! I am quickly finding that there is no good way to do this, but this is what I’ve done. I started with the Google Analytics from my old site and sorted the content by page views.  This gives me my most important information or at least the content that might get […]

Drupal: Making Media: YouTube more user friendly

  18 Kudos Don'tmove! I have a client that needs their editors to be able to quickly embed YouTube videos into posts.  Usually one can just do this by copying and pasting embed codes into the source. However in this case, the client required that the user not touch the source code.  Enter Media: YouTube, […]

Drupal 7: WYSIWYG YouTube Embed Tutorial (Media_YouTube)

  2 Kudos Don'tmove! Why would you need a YouTube plugin for Drupal? Can’t you just use the embed code? Yes, yes you can. However, you may run into a client where copying and pasting the embed code becomes too technical.  So lets forget about why we need this and I’ll explain how to get […]

Github Release: CiviCRM-PPI-PayMover-Payment-Plugin

  0 Kudos Don'tmove! For work, I had to develop a payment processor plugin for CiviCRM to integrate PPI PayMover into the eCommerce / CRM / Drupal system. I’m not sure the need for this, because when I first built this, I couldn’t find a single thing on the Internet related to this project.  That […]