Product Review: X-mini II Capsule Speaker

Product Information Sitting in my office with Mike when he suggested that we get some sort of iPod dock for the office to get some music in here.  He mentioned how his Bose Wave system might be a little bit of over kill for this 14 by 10 office, so I decided to look for something a little smaller... and cheaper.  My first stop is usually (Canadian) to check out what is readily available, if nothing good comes up at FutureShop I'll usually look around some other sites like Amazon, or look for product reviews to find something decent.  I went to the Speaker Dock section and...

Grooveshark Playlist: fun.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the band fun. With their newest hit "We Are Young" I wanted to share some music from their last album, Aim and Ignite. Check out this grooveshark playlist I made for there songs, which also includes "We Are Young". GrooveShark Playlist: fun. fun. - All Songs by CVanderlinden on Grooveshark