Best Cheap Drupal Hosting on a Private VPS Server

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There are too many hosting options out there count, and some offer extremely low prices. However, with those low prices, comes a low quality of service. It’s also quite common that with this low price tag you are locked into a yearly deal. If you site out grows your hosting you will be forced to move into the more expensive tier, when that happens, your cost savings go out the window.

Been there, done that. Now all my sites are hosted on Digital Ocean. Here you can get a fully accessible Drupal site up and running in under 55 seconds for the low cost of $5 a month.

Why I love Digital Hosting for Drupal Servers

  1. Cheap – Their lowest tier is $5 a month, and you are getting way more out of this server than you will from a shared hosting service for the same price.  If your site needs a little more power, upgrade to the $10 or $20 tier and you will be sailing.
  2. Easy – Installing a Drupal site is literally as easy as clicking a few buttons.  These clicks do hours of work for you, installing nginx, mysql, drush, and all the other prerequisites you need to get your server up and running.
  3. No contracts – If you’re done with your site, simply destroy the droplet.  You are not charged on a yearly, or even monthly basis.  You are only charged per hour that your server instance is running, so once you’re done, you’re done.
  4. SSD – With each instance, your site is loaded up on a machine with an SSD which makes your site quite fast.  It also means you can expand your virtual RAM space with a swap file that will operate at high speeds.
  5. Root access – It’s rare to find a VPS server, with root access at this price.  For example, the $5 tier on Digital Ocean has more data transfer, SSD and a full CPU, while the cheapest HostGator option has no SSD, 0.5 CPU and costs $12
  6. Single Click Installs – Looking to setup a Drupal site, Digital Ocean can do that with a single click.  The also offer a ton of other options for a single click
  7. Documentation/Support – Their documentation and support is phenomenal.

Free $10 credit

When you sign up using my referral link, you will receive a free $10 credit which will give you enough for two-months absolutely free.  Try it out yourself, zero risk.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, happy to help.

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