Drupal: Making Media: YouTube more user friendly

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I have a client that needs their editors to be able to quickly embed YouTube videos into posts.  Usually one can just do this by copying and pasting embed codes into the source. However in this case, the client required that the user not touch the source code.  Enter Media: YouTube, in conjunction with the Media module this allows the user to paste a YouTube link into the plugin and have the embed code be generated for the user.  Perfect!
However, I find that it’s usability is a little off and needed to be retouched for my purposes.  My two problems:

  1. The icon needs to be changed to a YouTube icon.
  2. The user shouldn’t have to change the current tab over to “Web”

The solution, replace the icon, and remove the “Upload” and “Library” tabs.

Well simple enough, you can just replace the media/images/wysiwyg-media.gif icon with a 16×16 gif like this one:

And then apply this patch I wrote for 7.x-1.x:

Voila, a more usable WYSIWYG YouTube plugin

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