Github Release: CiviCRM-PPI-PayMover-Payment-Plugin

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For work, I had to develop a payment processor plugin for CiviCRM to integrate PPI PayMover into the eCommerce / CRM / Drupal system.

I’m not sure the need for this, because when I first built this, I couldn’t find a single thing on the Internet related to this project.  That is why I am releasing my code on github.

CiviCRM-PPI-PayMover-Payment-Plugin on Github

The project takes a little it of setting up.  You need the PHP SDK from PPI, those aren’t my files to share but you can get them if you have an account with PayMover.

Then you need to insert the payment process into the database, those instructions are included in the README file.

After that, place the PayMover.php file into your CiviCRM install.  Then enable the processor through the CiviCRM interface.


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