Is there a good way to create redirects when launching a new site?

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I am quickly finding that there is no good way to do this, but this is what I’ve done.

I started with the Google Analytics from my old site and sorted the content by page views.  This gives me my most important information or at least the content that might get the most 404s.  After doing the top 100 (some which I caught through wild cards like this)

RedirectMatch permanent (?i)^/example/content(.*)

The biggest thing I have learned is that it doesn’t need to be the exact right place, and all I’m trying to do is avoid 404s.

Next after that I selected my entire alias list from the older site with an SQL command.

SELECT `pid`, `src`, `dst`, `language` FROM `url_alias` ORDER BY `dst` ASC LIMIT 10000; 

That gave me over 9700 aliases.  I removed all the duplicates (but left one entry) using excel.  After that, I removed all the ones that I had covered previously.  Then removed all the non important ones.  After I was done I had narrowed it down to about 100 more, and just did it all manually.

As I said, I couldn’t really find a great way to do it, but it was something I had to do.  Good to get it out of the way, and I feel great after finishing it.

Good luck, and if you know of a good way of doing this let me know.

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